Supplier integration

From the birth of Lijia sound first professional sound so far, all of our core materials come in world each big famous brand, quality suppliers of resources with our technology R & D team, professional advantage complementary promote joint research and development, to further cooperation to each a product, specific to each detail, customized real fine.

Technology resource integration

Since the establishment of the Seneca, audio, by actively integrating global R & D technology and expert resources, set up a powerful. Professional. Sophisticated research and development technical team and with the domestic and foreign senior electroacoustic expert expansion depth of long-term strategic cooperation, continuous improvement and application of new technology. New technology, make the product has been continuously improved.

Manufacturing resources integration

Lijia audio equipment Co., Ltd. core production base in the world. It is located to reputation, the reputation of the design, a national economic center city, national innovation city special economic zone of Shenzhen. Company existing R & D center, electronic products production plant and speaker factory in, is currently in the Chinese professional audio industry professional ability to customize the strongest audio equipment supplier of, careful research and development, quality of material, beautiful process, professional production, delicate debugging, product packing and timely after-sale, we focus on every detail, we only boutique "concept to provide the most solid protection.

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